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Free Dental Day 2018 file

  • Jan 04, 2018

Dr. Steven Johnson is out to change lives by offering free smiles to anyone who needs dental work, as he hosts the 13th annual free dental day at the grand opening of their newest location in Port Hueneme. As many as 100 people are expected to line up outside the new Johnson Family Dental location in Port Hueneme on Friday, January 26th from 8 am to 1 pm. Over the past 13 years, Dr. Johnson and his staff, sponsors, and volunteers have helped hundreds of people in urgent need of dental work-treating patients for a filling, extraction or cleaning. “Guests that day will get to choose one dental service, they will have a chance for a free filling, a free extraction, or a free cleaning.” said owner Dr. Steven Johnson. “We will probably see 80-100 patients for the day, but anybody who gets there by 8 am will be guaranteed to be seen.” “If they get there by 10 am, even if we can’t see them that day we will give them a voucher. We’ve had people show up as early as 11:30 pm the night before to make sure they get a spot.” The office at 305 East Port Hueneme, will be the fifth Johnson Family Dental location to open in Central California and two more offices are planned to open in the next coupl...
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When To See Johnson Family Dental!

  • Dec 28, 2017

BECAUSE PREVENTION IS such a major part of good dental care, it’s critical to visit Johnson Family Dental for your regular checkups. In most cases, two regular dental cleanings a year will be all you need, but not always. So what are the signs that you shouldn’t wait until your next scheduled appointment to come back? Here are the top five reasons: 1. Aches Of Any Kind If you’re experiencing tooth pain, that could mean a cavity has gotten to the point where the dental pulp is getting infected. Don’t tough it out thinking it’ll just go away on its own. Other types of pain you should bring to the dentist are an aching jaw and frequent headaches. These are often connected to oral health issues such as bruxism (teeth-grinding), and the dentist can help! 2. Mouth Sores And Bleeding Gums Mouth sores usually go away on their own, but they can also be a sign of infection or disease, so it’s important to get those looked at when they appear. If you notice that you’re bleeding after brushing or flossing, it’s time to come see the dentist, particularly if you’re already using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Bleeding gums are one of the first symptoms of gum disease, so don’t ignore the ...
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Deck your smile in style in 2018!

  • Dec 11, 2017

A new year is almost here, and what better way to celebrate than with Free initial Invisalign® Exam ($350 Value) Plus $1,000 OFF full Invisalign® or $1,000 OFF Invisalign® Light at any of our five Johnson Family Dental locations. ---->FREE Initial exam, digital x-rays and second opinion ($350 value) <---- ---->$1,000 OFF Full Invisalign® or $1,000 OFF Invisalign® Light <----- -------------------------->TOTAL SAVINGS $1,350<--------------------------- Don’t wait too long! Schedule your FREE Invisalign Consultation by December 31st to receive $1,000 off your Invisalign®. CALL TODAY at 805-259-4717
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Exciting NEWS! Johnson Family Dental welcomed their fifth location on the Central Coast!

  • Dec 06, 2017

We have very exciting news to share. Johnson Family Dental welcomed their fifth location on the Central Coast, Port Hueneme, on December 1, 2017! The New Port Hueneme location is located at: 305 East Port Hueneme Rd, Port Hueneme, Ca 93041. Johnson Family Dental is a growing group dental practice with five convenient locations in Central California. The group provides comprehensive general and specialty dental care plus orthodontics to residents of Santa Barbara, Solvang, Ventura, Camarillo and now Port Hueneme. Founded in 1963, Dr. Steven Johnson purchased the practice from his father in 2001 and has rapidly expanded by adding new locations and services. “Johnson Family Dental, in partnership with Smile Brands, is expanding to provide greater access to high-quality, affordable dental care throughout the Central Coast area,” stated Dr. Steve Johnson. “We see big opportunity in the growing Port Hueneme community and are thrilled to be able to offer residents full service care at this location.” To schedule a FREE New patient Consultation at our NEW Port Hueneme location, please call; 805-824-0047
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Black Friday Specials! All December LONG!!

  • Nov 22, 2017

Black Friday Specials start TODAY! Come into any of our Johnson Family Dental locations with one of the Black Friday coupons & SAVE BIG until December 31st! Black Friday Specials: (Save until December 31st) $895 Crown Special $1,095 Dental Implant Special $2,999 Invisalign Special (See details below) Call us today at 805-259-4717 to schedule your next appointment.
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What People Are Saying

Came in for a free consultation and also received a free x-ray. I was immediately accommodated and had 3 wisdom teeth extracted in the same visit. Very good service. I had minimal pain and no swelling. Very pleased with the results. Received good instruction on post-surgery care and a caring attitude by the staff.

George T.

Our family has been with Johnson Family Dental for several years now. We are extremely pleased with their services, especially given that our young boys have been introduced to visits to the dentist in a way that they look forward to. That helps alot! And their care for all of us has been superb. Need I say more? Thanks Johnson Family Dental! Oh, did I also mention that we use their Solvang and Santa Barbara locations? Equally fine!

John W.

I've been a patient at Johnson Family Dental for over a year, and this was my third visit, a routine cleaning. I arrived about 15 minutes early, and they were able to see me prior to my appointed time. The assistant took x-rays, Dr. Johnson--always friendly--did a quick exam, and the hygienist did a thorough yet gentle cleaning. The office was clean and bright, the staff was friendly and helpful, and I was on my way with clean teeth!

Greg D.

I am a new customer and was given an immediate appointment for tooth pain and had a root canal. From the very first interaction, every member of the staff were courteous, pleasant and caring. The care was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Constance W.

From the reception desk and beyond Johnson family dental makes me feel welcome and comfortable. They seem to understand how nerve wracking it is to go to the dentist even though it is normal to them. I appreciate being made to feel comfortable.

Kerri K.

A very nice place to have all your dental work done. After 17 years of going there that speaks for all my thoghts about Johnson Family Dental.

Heidi H.

This is the best dentist office I've ever been to, excellent location, friendly, clean, modern, quick and competent. In other words, the best.

Brian B.

Very professional and pleasant. Personnel that did the work were very competent and cheerful. Good experience.

Dennis L.

I went as a patient who had a terrible childhood experience and I discovered an amazing family at the Johnson Family Dental who truly treated me.

Dianne G.

I am a long-time customer of Johnson Family Dental - ever since my graduate school days - now living in Reno, Nevada. I still travel back to Santa Barbara, 1000+ miles, for the exceptional dental care I always receive at this fine practice.

Jordan H.