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How Everyday Habits Affect Your Teeth file

  • Sep 04, 2017

TOOTH ENAMEL HAS the pretty cool reputation of being the hardest substance in the human body. So it may come as a surprise to know that while enamel is super tough, it can also break quite easily! The truth is that our teeth are not invincible, and a lot of everyday habits can put our oral health at risk. Watch Out For These Tooth-Damaging Habits Many of these habits seem harmless, but over time they can do a lot of damage to that beautiful smile of yours! Nail Biting We may refer to closely-matched sports games as “nail-biters,” but that doesn’t mean we should actually be biting our nails! Nail biting can cause teeth to chip or break as well as lead to enamel damage. The front teeth are often the first to suffer wear and tear from nail biting. Due to the increased pressure on teeth during orthodontic treatment, biting your nails with braces can put you at greater risk for tooth resorption (a shortening of the tooth roots) or tooth loss. For the sake of teeth everywhere, let’s keep the term “nail-biter” as a manner of expression rather than a label for ourselves! Using Your Teeth As A Tool That darn packet of ketchup just won’t open! While your teeth may seem to be the perfect solution, us...
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Thinking About Whitening Your Smile at Johnson Family Dental? file

  • Sep 04, 2017

SO, YOU WANT TO whiten your teeth. You’re not alone! In fact, when the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked what people would most like to improve about their smile, the most common response was whiter teeth. There Are Several Teeth Whitening Options With so many teeth whitening products on the market, you may be left scratching your head as to which one you should choose. As with any type of treatment, it’s important to know all the facts so you can make the best choice for you and your unique smile! Some of the most common teeth whitening options are: Whitening toothpastes Whitening strips and gels Tray-based tooth whiteners In-office whitening Whitening Is Safest And Most Effective When Supervised By A Dentist You should always consult with your dentist before deciding to whiten, as this cosmetic procedure isn’t for everyone. There are also many benefits to whitening with your dentist! For example, if you’re considering a tray-based tooth whitener, seeing your dentist is definitely your best option. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth so that your mouthpiece tray is customized exactly to fit your teeth. This will ensure maximum contact between your teeth and the whitening solution a...
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The 7th Annual Free Dental Day for Children file

  • Sep 04, 2017

Dr. Steven Johnson is hosting the seventh annual free kids dental day, Little Hearts, Big Smiles, Thursday, August 18, 2016 from 1:00 to 5:00pm. Johnson Family Dental in Solvang, Ventura, and Camarillo will offer free dental care to children in need during their Little Hearts, Big Smiles event. During this event, children ages 12 and under from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, will receive a free exam, digital x-rays, cleaning and fluoride in Solvang, Ventura, and Camarillo. “Little Hearts, Big Smiles is a way for children in the community to receive the care they need, even if they slip through the cracks of the social service system,” explains Doctor Steven Johnson. Parents who are interested in having their children participate at Johnson Family Dental in Solvang, Ventura and Camarillo, should call and schedule an appointment at one of the following Johnson Family Dental
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We’re Ready To Soak Up Some Summer Sun! file

  • Sep 04, 2017

AHH… SWEET SUMMERTIME. Johnson Family Dental couldn’t be more excited that summer has finally arrived and with it, summer activities! We’re looking forward to backyard barbecues, family trips, and lots of fun in the sun. Our Johnson Family Dental team has got a lot planned for this summer! What’s On Your Summer Bucket List? Have you been getting that special summertime feeling? Let us know what you’re going to be up to in the coming summer months in the comments section below or on our Facebook page! We’d love to get some fun summer activity ideas from our awesome patients. We love summer, but we love our patients even more!
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How Dental Sealants Can Protect Your Child’s Teeth file

  • Sep 04, 2017

DID YOU KNOW, on average, a child smiles around 400 times per day? That’s up to ten times more than the average adult! No matter how many times your little one smiles, we want to help them make sure theirs remains healthy throughout their childhood. One way to protect your child’s pearly whites is by applying dental sealants at Johnson Family Dental in Solvang, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Camarillo. Dental Sealants Protect Teeth From Tooth Decay A dental sealant—also known as a pit and fissure sealant—is a protective barrier placed on the chewing surfaces of teeth in order to seal out food and bacteria which result in cavities. These sealants are often made of a plastic-like material and applied in a thin layer to fill hard-to-clean recesses in teeth known as fissures in the premolars and molars, and cingulum pits found in canines and incisors. Application Of Dental Sealants Is Quick And Easy! The application of sealants is a quick and comfortable process, and usually only takes one visit at Johnson Family Dental Camarillo! First, the surface of your child’s teeth are polished and cleaned of any plaque or food debris. Next, each tooth receiving sealants will be isolated and dried. The teeth are then et...
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What People Are Saying

Came in for a free consultation and also received a free x-ray. I was immediately accommodated and had 3 wisdom teeth extracted in the same visit. Very good service. I had minimal pain and no swelling. Very pleased with the results. Received good instruction on post-surgery care and a caring attitude by the staff.

George T.

Our family has been with Johnson Family Dental for several years now. We are extremely pleased with their services, especially given that our young boys have been introduced to visits to the dentist in a way that they look forward to. That helps alot! And their care for all of us has been superb. Need I say more? Thanks Johnson Family Dental! Oh, did I also mention that we use their Solvang and Santa Barbara locations? Equally fine!

John W.

I've been a patient at Johnson Family Dental for over a year, and this was my third visit, a routine cleaning. I arrived about 15 minutes early, and they were able to see me prior to my appointed time. The assistant took x-rays, Dr. Johnson--always friendly--did a quick exam, and the hygienist did a thorough yet gentle cleaning. The office was clean and bright, the staff was friendly and helpful, and I was on my way with clean teeth!

Greg D.

I am a new customer and was given an immediate appointment for tooth pain and had a root canal. From the very first interaction, every member of the staff were courteous, pleasant and caring. The care was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Constance W.

From the reception desk and beyond Johnson family dental makes me feel welcome and comfortable. They seem to understand how nerve wracking it is to go to the dentist even though it is normal to them. I appreciate being made to feel comfortable.

Kerri K.

A very nice place to have all your dental work done. After 17 years of going there that speaks for all my thoghts about Johnson Family Dental.

Heidi H.

This is the best dentist office I've ever been to, excellent location, friendly, clean, modern, quick and competent. In other words, the best.

Brian B.

Very professional and pleasant. Personnel that did the work were very competent and cheerful. Good experience.

Dennis L.

I went as a patient who had a terrible childhood experience and I discovered an amazing family at the Johnson Family Dental who truly treated me.

Dianne G.

I am a long-time customer of Johnson Family Dental - ever since my graduate school days - now living in Reno, Nevada. I still travel back to Santa Barbara, 1000+ miles, for the exceptional dental care I always receive at this fine practice.

Jordan H.