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Whiter Teeth for Santa Barbara file

  • Sep 04, 2017

Teeth whitening has become very popular in Santa Barbara as an easy way to enhance your smile with little effort and no pain. Over the counter whitening products can give varied results, leaving most customers feeling unhappy or dissatisfied. At Johnson Family Dental, we can help you understand your options for teeth whitening and the results you may expect from various tooth-bleaching options. As your professional cosmetic dentist in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Solvang area, we can help you whiten your teeth effectively, with professional and amazing results. If you are ready to try a tooth-whitening product, please call any of our offices; Santa Barbara, Ventura or Solvang or visit our dental practice, and let us share with you the options available and the whitening results you should and will expect with Johnson Family Dental. -Johnson Family Dental Visit us at any of our three locations: Santa Barbara, Ventura and Solvang
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Tooth Restorations in Santa Barbara file

  • Sep 04, 2017

At Johnson Family Dental in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Solvang, we use a variety of techniques to restore damaged teeth. Most family dentistry patients in Santa Barbara County are familiar with fillings. Traditional fillings are also called direct restorations because they are applied to the tooth shaped and polished in one visit. Another type of filling is an indirect restoration and is fabricated in a dental lab. There are two types: inlays and onlays. When a tooth needs more extensive dental restoration, a dental crown is often used, at Johnson Family Dental, we create strong, natural-looking crowns from a variety of materials. What if the tooth is damaged beyond repair? There are a number of functional replacements for missing teeth. Dentures are not the only option. Talk to us about dental implants. Call 805-687-6767 to learn about the restoration options at all three of our locations in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Solvang. We have been improving peoples smiles in Santa Barbara and Ventura county for over 50 years. Whether the damage is cause by decay, injury, bite problems, or natural wear; Johnson Family Dental will choose the best cosmetic dental treatment plan for your tooth restoration needs.
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Free Kids Cleaning Day: Exam, Digital X-Rays and Fluoride file

  • Sep 04, 2017

Come and bring the whole family. There will be free gifts, fun games, face painting, and a raffle for two free adult tickets to Disneyland. You and your child will also learn some valuable ways of taking care of their teeth and preventing cavities. Our LIttle Hearts, Big Smiles Day will be at two of our Johnson Family Dental Locations, in Solvang and Ventura and at the La Cumbre Dental Specialty Center Location, in Santa Barbara. If you are interested, please call us to make an appointment: Solvang Dental Office: 678 Alamo Pintado, 805-688-9999 Ventura Dental Office: 88 N Oak Street #2A, 805-643-5026 La Cumbre Dental Specialty Center Office: 200 North La Cumbre Rd # H, 805-960-5600
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Bad Breath is not Fresh! file

  • Sep 04, 2017

Bad breath, also called halitosis, can result from poor dental health habits and may be a sign of other health problems. Bad breath can also be made worse by the types of food you eat and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. You may not even be aware of your own bad breath. So if you’re concerned you may be suffering from it, talk to your dentist at Johnson Family Dental in any of our three locations, Santa Barbara, Ventura and Solvang. We can help identify the cause of bad breath and if this due to an oral condition develop a treatment plan to treat it. There are many reasons for bad breath: What you eat can also affect the way your breath smells. Certain foods, such as garlic and onions can have a very strong and lasting odor. If you don’t brush and floss daily, practice of food remain in the mouth, collection bacteria, which can cause bad breath, not to mention tooth decay and gingivitis. Bad breath can be caused by dry mouth (xerostomia), which occurs when the flow of saliva decreases. Saliva is necessary to cleanse the mouth and remove the particles that may cause odor. Tobacco products cause bad breath. If you use tobacco, ask us for tips on kicking the habit. Bad breath may be the sign of a medical disorder, such a...
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You’re invited! To a Summer Party and to WIN a FREE Vespa! file

  • Sep 04, 2017

Scoot on over to Chase Palm Park Saturday, September 7th from 11:30 am-2:30 pm One of the small ways that we can say thank you for your confidence and loyalty is to treat you and your family to a fun day in the sun. So in celebration of 50 years serving the community, we are going to be hosting a BBQ and summer party, and we've got tickets available for you! We want to treat you and your family to a Saturday of fun, food and games at Chase Palm Park. We will be raffling off a brand new VESPA and other fun prizes, as well as a picnic BBQ and fun family games. To increase your odds of winning, at the door you will also have the option to buy more tickets to win more prizes, for you and your kids. All the money from ticket sales will go to JDRF, (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). This is also your chance to get back at your Dentist and dunk him in the dunk tank! We look forward to seeing you at our special summer BBQ. And as always, we thank you for referring your friends and family to Johnson Family Dental. We want you to know that you are very special to us. If you would like to join us, please download the ticket below. We have limited space for this event, so please send it back ASAP. To attend: Simply download a FREE t...
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What People Are Saying

Came in for a free consultation and also received a free x-ray. I was immediately accommodated and had 3 wisdom teeth extracted in the same visit. Very good service. I had minimal pain and no swelling. Very pleased with the results. Received good instruction on post-surgery care and a caring attitude by the staff.

George T.

Our family has been with Johnson Family Dental for several years now. We are extremely pleased with their services, especially given that our young boys have been introduced to visits to the dentist in a way that they look forward to. That helps alot! And their care for all of us has been superb. Need I say more? Thanks Johnson Family Dental! Oh, did I also mention that we use their Solvang and Santa Barbara locations? Equally fine!

John W.

I've been a patient at Johnson Family Dental for over a year, and this was my third visit, a routine cleaning. I arrived about 15 minutes early, and they were able to see me prior to my appointed time. The assistant took x-rays, Dr. Johnson--always friendly--did a quick exam, and the hygienist did a thorough yet gentle cleaning. The office was clean and bright, the staff was friendly and helpful, and I was on my way with clean teeth!

Greg D.

I am a new customer and was given an immediate appointment for tooth pain and had a root canal. From the very first interaction, every member of the staff were courteous, pleasant and caring. The care was excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Constance W.

From the reception desk and beyond Johnson family dental makes me feel welcome and comfortable. They seem to understand how nerve wracking it is to go to the dentist even though it is normal to them. I appreciate being made to feel comfortable.

Kerri K.

A very nice place to have all your dental work done. After 17 years of going there that speaks for all my thoghts about Johnson Family Dental.

Heidi H.

This is the best dentist office I've ever been to, excellent location, friendly, clean, modern, quick and competent. In other words, the best.

Brian B.

Very professional and pleasant. Personnel that did the work were very competent and cheerful. Good experience.

Dennis L.

I went as a patient who had a terrible childhood experience and I discovered an amazing family at the Johnson Family Dental who truly treated me.

Dianne G.

I am a long-time customer of Johnson Family Dental - ever since my graduate school days - now living in Reno, Nevada. I still travel back to Santa Barbara, 1000+ miles, for the exceptional dental care I always receive at this fine practice.

Jordan H.